The Garden House Phu Quoc Resort is located at Ganh Gio hamlet, just 14 kms North of Phu Quoc International Airport and 3.2 kms South of one of the most beautiful pristine beaches of the island- Dinh Ba Beach, Ong Lang Commune.

The main town on the island- Duong Dong- is short 12 minute drive away.

Elegant And Cozy Designed Rooms

Combining contemporary and Vietnam decor, each garden house  is traditionally designed to be in harmony with the surrounding nature. Experiencing holiday with us will bring you the snug and comfort.

You're Home

The Garden House Phu Quoc Resort with 4 hectares is unlike any others in Phu Quoc. From the beautiful garden houses hidden under the branches of big trees to the gently curving grass pathways, the Resort leaning on the mountain gives you complete tranquility and comfort with verdant gardens, outdoor sport area, impressive swimming pool and tropical-style-bar.

The Garden Houses are designed with the combination of luxury and tradition with home appliances. Especially, you can cook  favorite dishes right in the comfortable kitchen. Your stay at The Garden House Phu Quoc Resort will be a vacation to remember.

House Types

The Garden House Resort offers a choice of 8 house types:
1..Double Room With Garden View
2. Twin Room With Garden View
3. Deluxe Double Garden View Room
4. Deluxe Twin Garden View Room
5. Superior Garden View Room
6. Superior Family Garden View Room
7. Mountain View Villa with Kitchen (2 bedrooms)
8. Wooden Villa with Kitchen (2 bedrooms)

All the garden houses have separate space with small private garden and quickset hedge.

Living Rooms

Featuring spaciousness, the living room is the perfect area for families activities. It is designed with big window panes to allow the sunlight and the tranquil forest atmosphere to flow into the room.
House types with livingroom: Mountain View Villa, Wooden Villa.