HAPPY  LUNAR NEW YEAR 2017Phu Quoc Resort - Happy Vietnam Lunar New Year
The Garden House Phu Quoc Resort offers the great discount up to 25% for direct booking
From 10/Jan/2017 to 26/Jan/2017
Book directly through Web:
+ 01 night save up to 10% , offer 01 way Airport transfer.
+ 02 nights save up to15%, offer 02 ways Airport transfer.
Book with promotion code: oct2016:
+ 01 night save up to 20%.
+ 02 nights save up to 25%.
=> Book direct added value
=> Cheaper Than 3rd Parties - Best Room Pay When You Arrive
* Free Shuttle bus to Ong Lang Beach at 2:00 Pm and pick up at 5:00 Pm daily
* All booking wil be - Non refundable booking.
Make Your Reservation here: goo.gl/M1ILTn

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